Vikki has worked at Parkside as one of our receptionists for over eight years. Already a huge dog lover,  working at Parkside has only increased her passion for animals, especially dogs.

She is now a fully qualified canine hydrotherapist and is pleased to announce she is opening her very own canine hydrotherapy centre in Dundee called HydroPetz. You can look around and contact her HERE.

Vikki became the owner of a dog who has suffered severe joint and mobility issues from a very young age.  The knowledge she gained and the expert help she received from the vets at Parkside fuelled her passion to help other dogs and their owners which led to her following her dream of becoming a canine hydrotherapist.

Vikki's expertise and Hydrotherapy aids recovery after many orthopaedic operations and musculo-skeletal injuries.


For more information please click the link.