Fiona is Head Nurse at Parkside and has worked with us for many years. She organises the nurses' time, makes up rotas and ensures high standards of care during operations and post-operatively for your pets if they need to be admitted for ops or illness. She takes her share of the nurses' on-call rota, where nurse is on-call in case of a small animal emergency which requires nursing assistance, usually for surgery, but also for blood sampling, fluid therapy, X-rays, ultrasound and so on.

"I have worked at Parkside for nearly 20 years after qualifying in Essex.  I love the variety of the profession, the fact that no day is the same.  My passion in life is helping to run "Staffie Smiles Rescue" where we rehome dogs (Staffys and Staffy types) from pound kennels after assessing them in foster homes.
I also spend a lot of time with my horse, Teddy.  I am a member of Strathmore and District Riding Club where I attend lessons, competitions and social events.  Both my daughters ride so we can enjoy the equine life together.  I own 2 staffies, 3 guinea pigs, a cat and another pony called Fonzie.