MICROCHIPS are great for identifying your dog or cat and from April 6th 2016, all dogs must have one. If your pet needs one, then we recommend Tracer microchips, which are made of a unique polymer which does not migrate with time like some glass-based microchips, they are now narrower so the needle is much smaller and they are readable by more readers than most chips. Great peace of mind. These are FREE when your pup or kitten joins the VIP plan - see below. Still under £20 including Vat and full registration.

DRONTAL dog and cat single-dose complete wormers are always discounted at Parkside. We sell Drontal more cheaply than any pet shop in Dundee, so you can buy with confidence just as much as you need without buying a box-full. Try PROFENDER, the easy Spot-on complete wormer for cats - It's easy! As is new Broadline, which kills and prevents fleas too! 

For a FREE  REMINDER, update your mobile number when you next buy a product from us. You will then receive a text when worming is due next. Same goes for flea/tick prevention products.
Read more about worming HERE

The Parkside VIP Healthcare Plan is for dogs and cats, allowing you to pay monthly for vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, and worming throughout the year, as well as 2 Vet checks - AND it saves you money! In addition you are entitled to 10% off neutering, acupuncture and dental work with 25% off Kennel Cough vaccination and 50% off microchips. VIP clients will also qualify for special offers throughout the year.  if you join at first vaccinations, then the second vaccination is half-price OR your pet can have a FREE Microchip. Have a closer look HERE

Our flea control and treatments are excellent value and they are guaranteed to be 100% effective, whereas pet-shop and supermarket treatments may seem cheaper, but when they don't work, they are very expensive. Take note! New longer lasting preparations are now available. Spring and warmer weather means these these beasties become more and more active and many pets become infected and sometimes quite ill. This can be prevented 100% by the use of various products from Parkside. Some need a monthly application. One is a medication with THREE months activity. Cats can receive one which kills fleas, ticks AND worms, all in one go! These are 100% effective, unlike many pet shop and supermarket products.

New pups and kittens receive their first checkup FREE. Bring them along as soon as they arrive (make an appointment first!) so we can ensure all is well, and then discuss vaccinations and worming.

James Wellbeloved pet food has many positive atributes, being free of preservatives, gluten-feree, free of colourings, preservatives and other potentially irritating contents and another reason to use it is that it is cheaper at Parkside that anywhere else in Dundee! Puppy, Junior, Adult and Senior - specific needs when required.

New Hills cat food (Vet Essentials) has all the benefits of their world-renowned dental formula, plus their urinary formula (to stop struvite crystals), omega-3 for best skin and hair and fibre balance for satiation and gut motility - all in a dry formula which cats love. How can you refuse? Pick up some samples and give it a try. As it is very energy dense there are more meals per bag than you think so the price is right!
NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOGS with 3 life stages - pups, adult and senior. The larger kibble size causes much reduction in tartar build-up. With more meals per bag, it works out cheaper than you think!




New Prescription product for cats kills fleas ticks AND all worms in one spot-on application! Comes in 2 sizes of easy to apply syringes for easy topical application for cats


New prescription medicine kills fleas and ticks in dogs for THREE MONTHS after one tasty tablet! Ask in surgery for information.

We can't tell you more as these are prescription products so we cannot advertise them. Please ask in surgery.