While you can go to A&E or your Doctor and have free treatment (although you pay for this in your tax), if your pet is ill, then you are liable for the Vet's bill. Some people take out pet insurance (click to look at the pitfalls and advantages) for this, others put money aside, just in case (and some do neither!)

Our savings plan is a way to put money aside in case of unexpected Vet bills, in the form of a savings plan - a bit like the old "Christmas Club" -  where payments are credited to your pet's account. Insurance is good, but you have to pay the first £50 to £70 or so for every ailment as an excess and it is quite costly per month, especially considering the lower fees you enjoy here in Dundee compared to most other parts of the country. When the pet is old, the excess gets bigger and some companies make you pay a percentage of the total bill as well!

We can set up a direct debit to enable you to save the money to your pet's Parkside Account, or you can pop in to any surgery when you are feeling flush (!) to make a credit payment to your pet's account. There are no charges for this arrangement and the money saved for your pet can be taken out or put in at any point, as this is a Savings Plan. It is still your money, but it does not attract any interest. It is there to ease the bill if your pet becomes ill. The advantage here is that money paid in, remains as a credit balance for your pet when required, rather than making monthly payments to an insurance company, which is not recoverable if you don't require to make a claim. BUT if your pet does need treatment and there is not enough money in your account, then you are still liable for the balance due. Also, this will only cover Veterinary expenses. An insurance policy will usually also cover third party liability, where you will be covered against a claim if your dog knocked someone over and caused injury.

The savings plan is easy enough to organise - direct debit or cash/cheques/cards - just ask one of our Reception Staff for more details - we have DD forms you can use, if preferred. Another benefit is that because it is your money, you can take it out (when you are in credit) whenever you want. Horse clients as well as those with dogs and cats find this a good way to spread the costs of veterinary treatment.





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