Our preparations will keep your dog or cat as clean as a whistle!! - and these treatments are included in the Parkside PREMIER PET CLUB- have a look and see how you can save money!


Spring and warmer weather means these these beasties become more and more active and many pets become infected and sometimes quite ill. This can be prevented 100% by the use of various products from Parkside. Some need a monthly application. One is a medication with THREE months activity. Cats can receive one which kills fleas ticks AND worms, all in one go! Make use of our offer before the season is in full swing. These are 100% effective, unlike many pet shop and supermarket products.

Fleas are persistent little devils, very common and very annoying for pet and owner - BUT they are very treatable and nowadays we tend to prevent them by protecting your pet against them. A little lesson first! 
Only the adult flea lives on your pet. Here they will bite and suck blood and lay eggs which fall off into the pet's (and your) surroundings.

These bites cause much irritation and subsequent damage from self-mutilation, which often needs treated separately. The eggs hatch into tiny larvae, which are a bit like tiny caterpillars. These feed on dead skin and debris in the environment, until they pupate (like a butterfly) and the flea develops inside the pupa. It will stay in the shell until it feels movement, when it bursts out and jumps until it reaches hair, on your cat, or dog, or rabbit - or you!

Each species has its own flea, but the cat flea is seen on dogs and cats. As you can see, you soon end up with many fleas on the pet and many hundreds of babies waiting their turn. They will bite us too and you see a big itchy "heat-spot". So, we need to use something that will last a long time, so that it keeps killing all the babies which will eventually find your pet. Treating with a flea shampoo may kill fleas on your pet, but only as you shampoo. Afterwards, the pet is immediately open to re-infection from babies in the house and outside.

We recommend that you use a long-acting, liquid preparation, which you apply on the back of the neck and the ingredient slowly spreads all over the pet's body , where it keeps killing fleas for many weeks. For fleas alone, Advantage is 100% effective. This is also an ideal way to prevent fleas arriving and so preventing an infestation from taking hold in the first place. When it is warmer, fleas can live on the ground, outside, so you have a much greater chance of seeing fleas during Spring to early Winter, when your pet can pick them up when out for a walk.

There are several topical liquid options which we recommend, and being non-toxic to mammals, they are very safe. After 2 -3 days it won't even wash off with swimming or occasional bathing. Ask our reception staff for details, and they will advise the best approach for treatment and prevention. Beware of look-alikes in pet shops which merely contain so-called repellants which do not work effectively.


Another preparation (for dogs and cats)) will treat and protect your dog or cat from fleas as well as killing internal worms, ear and skin mites, as well as the dog lungworm! Deworm and protect against fleas at the same time but this one does not repel or kill ticks!








Everyone knows fleas aren't fun. The following are some Fun Flea Facts which may amaze you. 

The female cat flea consumes 15 times its own body weight in blood daily.

The female flea can lay 2,000 eggs in its lifetime. Therefore, if all 53 million U.S. dogs hosted a population of 60 fleas, we'd have over six trillion flea eggs surrounding our pets. Laid end-to-end, those eggs would stretch around the world over 76 times.

Just four female cat fleas feeding four times a day for 100 days will bite your cat or dog 1,600 times.

Fleas can jump 150 times their own length.

Female fleas begin to lay eggs within 36-48 hours after their first blood meal.

If you happen to see one flea, there are probably more than 100 others in various developmental stages looming nearby in furniture, corners, cracks or carpeting.

Undisturbed, a flea can live and breed on a dog for more than 100 days.

The flea is a tropical insect and won't tolerate freezing temperatures for long periods of time.


Read all about parasites in general with David Bellamy, on the Bayer web site, HERE


If you need to be reminded to apply a preparation your dog or cat, update your mobile number when you buy your next dose or pack at a Parkside surgery and thereafter you will receive a text message when the next dose is due. Alternatively, go to this form and update your details there.