The Vet Essentials range of dog and cat food has 25% OFF all February.

Parkside now stock the full dog and cat range of VET ESSENTIALS food, only available formVets and made by Hills Animal Nutrition. They are complete/dry foods and work out much cheaper than feeding scahets of meat. This premium dog and cat food is available with 25%OFF during February. We really like it because it has several health benefits. The kibble (pellet) consistency means much less tartar is laid down in the teeth. Omega 3 oils help mantain good skin and iptimal fiber levels preserve good gut function. Great for house cats because the food prevents struvite bladder stones from forming - very common in house cats. All this in a food! Because there are no fillers, just the same high quality ingredients every time, the amount fed is much less then many cheap foods, so the price per meal is low, even though bag may cost more than some foods. So great value with many long-term health benefits.