A recent article in the Daily Record highlighted a case of Leptospirosis in a dog which attends the PDSA in Aberdeen. This disease is now not so common as it is covered by vaccinations which dogs receive. It causes a nasty, usually fatal disease of the liver, or kidneys, depending on which type is involved. Commonly transmitted by rats and mice, it can be more common in country dogs - the very ones who people think are safe by living in the country and often their vaccinations lapse for this reason. Same risk is seen with dogs along rivers and streams, where vermin often stay and the Dighty is a good example of this, more so after flooding, which we saw last month. Vaccination is very effective so keep them protected with annual boosters.

If your dog has missed vaccinations and is over 6 months late for boosters, then he/she will need two doses to update fully. Until the end of March, you could take advantage of the Parkside vaccination amnesty, where you pay for a single booster and receive the second dose for FREE. This is available until the end of March 2016.