We have just confirmed another case of Parvovirus infection. This is in a young pup, recently homed. Remember that pups become more susceptible week by week after they are born. This is why we have to wait to vaccinated them, because if we did this when the antibodies from their mum were high, then the vaccine does not "take" and they will not be protected. So there come a time when the pup is susceptible and before it has been vaccinated. This is why you must keep young pups away from where other dogs go, so they will not be exposed to the virus. This can be picked up from where other dogs go, not just from contact with other dogs, so please take care. The vaccine we use allows us to vaccinate as early as possible, which is 8 weeks of age but they still need the second vaccine at 10 weeks of age to be fully protected, so you need to keep isolated till one week after this second vaccination.

Because the parvo vaccination can produce a low immunity in a very few pups, we still recommend another Parvo (only) injection at 16 weeks of age. 

We do not scare-monger, we just inform. It's up to you in the end.

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