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James Wellbeloved Foods
PUPPY (available in lamb/duck/fish and turkey - all with rice) - designed and formulated to provide a puppy with a naturally healthy and nutritionally balanced diet, gentle on the developing digestion. Suitable for feeding from six to eight weeks onwards, the complete formulas contain higher levels of protein and fat to support the rapid growth phase, combined with calcium and phosphorus in the correct amounts to support optimum bone development. The kibble is of a smaller size to suit smaller mouths. Can change freely between flavours without upset. Move small breeds onto Adult at around the 6-9 month stage depending on growth/development/condition. Puppy kibble can also be used in Adult dogs as a Performance type food to help weight gain during periods that require more calories - ie working gundogs etc.
JUNIOR (same flavours as puppy) can be fed from around six months of age - standard size Junior kibble is suitable for dogs with an adult weight of between 10kg and 25kg. Dogs of this weight range will reach maturity at around 10 to 12 months. The junior kibble is larger than puppy kibble to suit this second phase of growth.
ADULT (same flavours as puppy) ideal for the maintenance of adult dogs, the Adult range is carefully formulated to meet protein and energy requirements and also includes a balanced combination of soluble and insoluble fibres to support the digestive system and to promote firm stools. The addition of yucca extract helps to reduce stool odour, whilst added omega-3 fats promote a healthy, glossy coat. Chicory inulin, a natural pre-biotic, is also included in the formulations to encourage beneficial bacteria in the gut.
SENIOR (same flavours as puppy) - for dogs over 7y of age - The JW+ joint support complex of glucosamine, chondroitin and herbs is added to support older joints, which may become stiffer with age. Taurine is added to support the heart, with extra vitamins C & E to support the immune system. LIGHT (available in turkey or lamb) formulated using the 'full bowl, fewer calories’ principle; the light kibble has a reduced physical density so that it takes up more room in the bowl and takes a little longer to eat. The level of dietary fibre in the light kibble makes the dog feel full whilst eating less calories.
SMALL BREED (available in same flavours as puppy) - formulated and designed for the specific needs of smaller breeds of dogs aged over 6 months and weighing up to 10kg. Energy needs of a small breed dog are proportionately higher than that of a large breed dog. The Small Breed range of Adult dry food is more energy-dense than the standard Adult food. Urinary health: for genetic and lifestyle reasons, urinary problems are more common in small breed dogs.Included in the formulation is Cranberry Extracts believed to support urinary health. Smaller breeds tend to have a longer life expectancy. Small breed dogs can be more prone to bad breath and tartar. The Small Breed range comes in small size kibble and their shape, along with the antibacterial properties of the Green Tea extracts in the formulation is designed to help support good dental health and help keep plaque levels under control.
LARGE BREED (available in Junior and Adult - same flavours as puppy) Specifically developed for the needs of dogs with an expected adult weight of 25kg and over. The large dog takes longer to reach maturity and starts to age more quickly than the smaller dog, so there is a specific programme for the dog which takes it from standard puppy food to Large Breed Junior food to Large Breed Adult food at the correct age for his or her size. Large Breed Junior and Large Breed Adult kibbles have a higher nutrient density - meaning lower food intake and are physically much bigger than a standard kibble, slowing down the rate of eating. Finally, due to their size and earlier ageing large breeds can be prone to joint stiffness in later years, so both Large Breed Adult and Large Breed Junior contain JW+ joint support system based on glucosamine, chondroitin and natural herbs.
GRAIN FREE - ADULT & SENIOR (comes in turkey/veg, fish/veg and lamb/veg) formulated without cereals for dogs with cereal sensitivities. Balanced supply of fermentable and non-fermentable fibre to support digestive system and to promote firm stools. Also ideal for dogs with extra sensitive tummies and specific intolerances, likely to result in digestive upsets, itchy skin and poor coat condition.
JWB WET FOOD (comes in lamb and rice or turkey and rice) - available in puppy or adult life stages - pouches contain no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, no beef, no pork, no wheat or wheat gluten, no dairy products, no egg and no soya. Pouches can be fed on their own or as a tasty topper for dry food.