Warmth and moisture is ideal for our little friends

As summer progresses, more fleas are found outside, fallen from their hosts as adults but often as eggs. Warmth allows these baby fleas to develop and become ready to hop on your pet when they sense your pet's movement and this flea then breeds and multiplies with babies becoming established in the house, where their dinner is your pet's blood. Prevention's 100% effective with a product from Parkside. There are several options and we can advise.

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Ticks usually go through a quiet stage at this time of year because it's too dry for them to be active! Not this year and the damp warm conditions keep them active all the time. Picked up from rural situations and some parks. Deer are the main culprit for spreading them, rather than sheep. They attach and will feed for 10-14 days when they drop off. The bite can cause a nasty sore, but the biggest risk is transmission of disease. Once again, easy to prevent for topical and oral medications to repel and kill these little devils.

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If only it was this hot! Washing gives clean fleas! You still have to treat an infestation to get rid of it.