These are farms where cattle are bought (or reared by cows on the farm) and they are then kept and fed until the are finished or "fat", when they are sold for meat.

We have minimal work in these units but we are busy at buying-in time, when pneumonias can be a problem. Vaccinating to prevent disease is always encouraged and IBR, RSV, PI3, and Pasteurella are some of the commonly covered respiratory viruses.

All animals which may need treated - usually with antibiotics - are noted, along with the drug and batch number used. Of the few that may need to be treated, withdrawal times of the antibiotics used, are rigorously upheld. It is a falacy that all cattle are given antibiotics in their feed. The use of growth promoters is banned throughout the EU but not so in North America and much of South America.

Cattle here in Angus are outside, eating grass for 6 months, and are kept indoors, away from the bad weather, for six months, where they are fed silage or hay along with some cereal - usually barley based. All very wholesome and natural.

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