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      If you think you have an emergency and need your pet seen soon, or if you are joining us from another vet or you wish to book a nurse appointment, please phone your surgery -
         Dundee 01382 810777
         Barnhill 01382 739634
         Broughty 01382 477433
   If you would like to bring in more than one pet then please book a separate appointment for each pet.
      If you think that your pet may have something infectious (kennel cough or similar), please report to reception before bringing your pet into the surgery building.
Please phone your surgery if you need to cancel an appointment.
It is not possible to book operations or equine/farm visits online.


  To make an appointment, click on the preferred surgery below -

            :: Dundee surgery - 5 Kings Cross Road

            :: Barnhill surgery - 58 Dalhousie Road

            :: Broughty surgery - 12 Lawrence Street

            You will be guided to your Pet Portal